No one likes being sick. Its gross, icky, painful, frustrating.

So when I woke up today with a lump in the back of my throat and a feeling like someone had pushed their thumbs into my neck, I knew this would not be good. I immediately called my boyfriend who is my saving grace for everything.
"Oh no, I didn't get you sick did I?"
He had a really bad case of whatever is ailing me, but like the stubborn girlfriend I am, I made him kiss me anyway.
"No, I did it to myself."
And I had, it was probably a mix of kissing him, walking around without my coat on (don't let my mom find out) and eating poorly.
That last one however, I found to be very interesting. The eating habits of your average college student probably arent what they were when Mom or Grandma was cooking for you. Lots of protein and vegetables with vitamin C and A and Iron and all sorts of things you didn't realize you need or were ever getting. Don't get me wrong, this is not a "bash the caf" session as so many students seek to do. They do their job and if I don't like turkey breast and okra, who am I to make them change the menu that day. But it is difficult to eat the same thing everyday and not begin to want to eat out or get delivery. And not only does that get pricey, but its just not good for you.
Cafeteria options can sometimes be limiting and for those of us that live on campus without cars (i.e. myself) its not always easy fill up. Weekends, I find are the hardest time. WIth the cafeteria open four times the entire weekend, and nothing else on campus open (not even the bookstore for a mid afternoon snack) we are forced to fend for ourselves. Pizza, chinese food, sub sandwiches, and cheeseburgers. I always get the same response, there are things around campus you can walk to, Rally's, coffee shops, even Tennessee St. is just a walk away. But as female with a relatively small frame, I don't always feel safe. I've seen posts around campus about people wanted for murder, that doesnt make me want to walk back from class at 6:30 in the evening let alone down Adams Street after dark. So what options does that leave me?
Nutrition is so important. I'm working on ways to self provide it (with the help of my BF who I sometimes call my nutritionist). Multi-vitamins, salads at every meal, fruit, nuts, juices. Its just difficult. But once this ailment clears, I have to start thinking about how to prevent the next.


Because no college student can have enough Walmart stories...

tonight my friends and I were bored and as college students who are in desperate need of being constantly but very easily entertained, we took a trip to Walmart. It was about 10 oclock when the three of us piled ourselves into a little blue CHevy and made our way down Tennessee St. At one point we felt our quest would go unsatisfied. After the college town bars and night clubs, the student parking lots and the vast selection of fine, fast food eateries began to dwindle, we were growing impatient and disappointed. I secretly was terrified of being lynched in a now unfamiliar part of what turned out to no longer be Tallahassee. The driver said she was ready to move on to another adventure, that we should press on and not let that set us back. As though she spoke too soon, over the hills we saw the blue roof top with bright yellow lettering. We had reached it, the Walmart Superstore. We whipped through the parking lot and into a space. Through the automatic doors we flew taking in every ounce of weirdness that can only be found at the 24 hour Walmart.
We were enamoured. We paced up and down the aisles of CDs, DVD, and electronics. We found car decals, spray paint, and tacky animal print seat and steering wheel covers. There were jewelry cases full of engagement rings and wedding bands which (which sparked what could have been a gruesome arguement between my girls as to whether a Walmart engagement was acceptable. This however was quickly diffused by my wits and quick thinking... "look guys, something shiny!") We moved on. We weaved in and out of aisles until we stumbled upon the greatest invention ever created. Behold... PowerWheels!!! PowerWheels are your average automatic, two door, two wheel drive convertables, but theyre about an eigth of the size of the real thing. This Walmart had the Dora the Explorer Jeep, the Cinderella Corvette, and my personal favorite, the little red Mustang (no cutsie characters needed, the Mustang stands on its own). My friends and I spoke about a time when we wanted so desperately to ride around in a bite size version of the cars we would one day own. Why, over Christmas break I was telling my mother about how I was always so disappointed when the other kids rode around in their little posse and I had to watch from the sidelines. In a way only a loving mother can express, she said, "Youre almost 22. Get a real job and buy yourself a real car. There's an idea."
Because my friends are still in their teen years (18 and 19), their stamina carried them all the way across Tallahassee to the other 24 hour Walmart. I however, had class in the morning and took my old bones back to my room.